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Employment toolaroolah

Typed up 2 more cover letters today and will mail tomorrow with resumes, to 2 of the places that aren't actually listing any nurse jobs available, but may well be hiring some.

Applied on-line to a job in the PACU of Southern Maine Medical Center-- I'm probably grossly underqualified for that job, but it's been on-line forever, so we'll see if they're desperate enough to just take someone who hasn't ever worked in a PACU except as a CNA.

Feeling less sick. Applied big giant brain to the task of selecting OTC cough medicine. Stood in aisle at Rite Aid pondering such things as "will this make my secretions thicker?" and "do I really want to diminish a cough that is consistantly productive?" Essentially it came down to "can I live one more minute like this?" and I bought some pills for roughly what I make in an hour at the office. If someone waved a box of pills at me and said "answer the phones for an hour and I'll give you these shiney pills!" I would tell them to get stuffed, but as you can see, I essentially do that every day.

Talked to my mother. She called me yet seemed annoyed to hear me. Whatever. She did tell me that her own URI took over 3 weeks to resolve-- that's not unheard of, but gee, thanks for the cheerful message, mom.

At Target yesterday I was looking for a good insulated mug. I didn't find the one I wanted, so I was leaving and a product in the beauty aisle caught my eye-- a little mirror that magnifies your skin 10X. So you can, and I quote, "pluck the hairs you didn't even know needed plucking." Now, plucking hairs from one's face has everything to do with aesthetics and almost nothing to do with health. So, seeing the things you couldn't see and plucking them? What is the point of nipping these in the bud? Seriously, if you can't see them, you, who are leaning into a mirror, no one else can see them either, so you may as well, for the sake of appearances, let them be, not pluck them out so they can grow back with the approximate appearance and texture of a hairbrush bristle instead.

If it had said, "eases eye strain" or something that would make sense, but the emphasis was on all the hair you didn't know you had, as if each follicle contains a secret demon which must be exorcised at all costs. If I can't see it, and it's not killing me, I don't care.

Hell, for most of America, and most of the world, if they can't see it and it is killing them they don't care.

I changed my icon to Pippin-as-portrayed-by-Billy-Boyd. Fool of a Took is about how I feel lately.
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