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Today Bunya hung curtains in our room. They're navy tab-top panels.

The effect is amazing.

This is the bigger bedroom of the 2 in this house-- the other one now holds a table, a sewing machine, a bureau with yarn and one free drawer for the sister (that is in danger of being taken over by yarn) and the futon. It's a very nice, Zen-feeling room for crafts, reading, and, occasionally, napping. It gets the brightest and earliest of the morning sun.

This room now holds the bed, computer and desk, and another desk, and one bureau. It also has 2 closets, one of which has a kick-ass organizational system in it that was never properly used until the other week when we moved in here from the small room.

ANYWAY, there are 2 windows here that look out over the parking lot and they get the later morning/early afternoon sun.

So the curtains are AMAZING because for some reason they make the room seem so much bigger than it really is. It's like now you walk in and you see the curtains over the windows and you think

hmmm, look at that. I wonder what's back there.... space, perhaps. Or maybe floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over some kind of buccolic view... hmmm, I don't know, but it's certainly intriguing, in a quiet sort of way.

The bed is directly at my back, and it's made, which makes all the difference in the world. So there's this colorful around the world quilt on it, plus one cat, and then, right next to the other side of the bed, the curtains. The bed looks huge. It's the magical land of counterpane.

Seriously, if this is what curtains can do I'm all about hanging them on walls where there isn't even a window.

(Also, most of the walls in this room are a deep red, the one at the head of the bed is navy, and it's the same navy, by happy coincidence, as the curtains, which are perpendicular to it.)

Seriously, they're so awesome I keep turning around to look at them.

You know, when people post to livejournal and say "ha ha I'm on cold medicine" I alwasy think WHATEVER, no, you're really just that way. And I'm not sure at the moment what it is. In my case. But I'm keeping this. Curtains rule. Vote curtains!
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