devulgari (devulgari) wrote,

Employment blah blah

Today I:

Mailed thank-you notes to people who interviewed me
Mailed handwritten note to nurse manager as suggested by RN friend who knows her (felt schmoozy writing "I'm writing at the suggestion of our mutual acquaintance," but oh well. Used best stationary. Actually sat there trying to decide which stationary made better impression. Correction. Used Bunya's best stationary. Thank you, dear.)
Applied to position at Mercy's Express Care center.
Applied to position at Midcoast's Maternity Care Center, even though it's only Part Time-- I'm beginning to be flexible.

The other day:

Mailed resume to Maine Veterans Home
Mailed resume to Southern Maine Medical Center


Mail CV and resume to New England Rehab (orthopaedic, not drug/alcohol) as everyone who works there swears they're hiring, though they're not advertising any open positions.

Went to work today for 4 hours. Real shifts tomorrow through Saturday. Still coughing hard, but at least not short of breath anymore. Not as much, anyway.
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