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So, the URI is gone now, except my ears have been plugged for the last 6 days. It's getting to the point where my hearing is noticably impacted. For example, today I thought I heard my boss ask me "what's with this bra?" and declare "I have to find a way to controll my bleeding." (In truth he'd said "what's with this drawer?" and "I have to find a way to controll my drooling," which, in retrospect, might be worse....)

Had the following exchange, sans irony.

Me: Oh well, at least the congestion moved up into my head instead of down.
Coworker: Why?
Me: Because instead of being half deaf at the moment I could have pneumonia.
Coworker: Oh, I'd way rather have pneumonia. You lose like, 20 pounds.


Resumes and cover letters to:

Maine Veterans Homes-- was offered interview via e-mail, called, left message as recruiter was out, haven't heard back.

New England Rehabilitation Hospital

Piper Shores, a very hoity toity collection of campuses ranging from luxury condo living to skilled nursing home facillities.

Spring Harbor Hospital, a mental health facility. (The name strikes me as horribly bizarre... if they're going to name it after a body of water, why not just choose a real one? Like Casco Bay Hospital. Does that sound so bad? Portland Harbor Hospital... sure, it sounds like you'd be receiving your treatments inside a lobster trap, but whatever.)

Phone call to floor at Maine Med that Best Friend swears her boss totally said she'd hire me, but I'm not holding my breath.

Phone call to recruiter at Midcoast who had told me they might make a decision by the end of this week. Left message-- have tried again, woman never answers phone. VIEW MY HANDWRITTEN NOTECARD AND HIRE ME.


That is all. So for the time being I am stumbling around an optometrist's office, (because along with hearing being nill, I've got no balance to speak of), doing endless filing and asking people to read me the lowest line they can see without squinting.
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