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Just applied to Goodall Hospital. Of all the hospitals I've applied to (Maine Med, Midcoast, Mercy, Southern Maine Med, Goodall) my mother has worked at 3 of them. One of the floors I didn't get an interview on was one where they actually know I'm her daughter, and most of the women there still remember her. It was one of the places she worked for the longest time. Everywhere else, my name is different from what hers has ever been when she worked there.

Goodall is almost an hour away from where I live. So is York Hospital, but they're requiring 1-3 years of experience for any of their positions. I can't say that I blame them. Portsmouth, NH is also just about as far away as Goodall but I'm not liscenced in New Hampshire. Also, I don't think things are quite that dire. Still, I'd prefer an hour of highway driving to the 30 minutes of highway/30 minutes of "highway" that it takes to get to Sanford.

I'm going to work today for a few hours. All I want to do prior to that is take a nap. A long one. But that is not healthy. No, this takes us down the road to the BAD PLACE where people go when they aren't finding a job as quickly as they'd like. AS IF that's the worst thing that's ever happened. I know it's not, but meh, I seem to be reacting in a distressingly typical way.

The other thing I want to do is go shopping, which, perversely, I only ever want to do when I have basically no money. When I'm making money I like to save it. So ironic.... wait, is that ironic or just stupid? Anyway, last night my sister was wearing a cashmere sweater and I think it would be lovely to knit with. The Stitching Mantis calls to me but I won't answer.

ETA: Bunya just came home and tried to whack me in the head, telling me that I'm not to work at Goodall. Just for this I think SHE should go buy me some cashmere yarn. Because clearly, she is sabotaging my good efforts. (Honey, it's a good effort, but you shouldn't work at Maine's sketchiest hospital.) Awww, she does love me.
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