devulgari (devulgari) wrote,

Employment Update

I haven't been updating with every little development, because just thinking of it made me tired and despair-like.

Finally I have been hired, in 2 places, actually, which seems to be the way of all Americans. One place is per diem, at a nursing home. Excellent pay, no benefits, of course. Then I was offered a few more per diem positions but I didn't really see the point of taking yet another job with no benefits. Finally I was hired by Maine Med for a benefited position, but it's 20 hours a week, so I'm keeping the per diem one.

I haven't actually worked yet. I'm not starting at either job until March, on their say so.

I'm working at the eye doctor's office until then.

I finished an Irish Hiking Scarf over this time, and I'm starting on a purse to go with it.

That's pretty much all the news that's fit to print.

Oh, that and my dad and his fiance announced the date of their wedding, and it's smack dab in the middle of the long weekend in May I was planning to take to go visit some friends in Toronto (well, Grimsby, but close enough) so I had a snit fit, you might say, and booked a last minute deal through Travelocity to go this Thursday instead. So that'll be fun.

Also have started going to Planet Fitness. Greatly enjoy having own flat screen TV with cable for when I'm on a cardio machine. Have found that laughing and exercising are pretty much mutually exclusive. Most people around me have it on CNN or MSNBC while exercising, while I usually am on a re-run of an old Saturday Night Live or some mindless show on VH1. Am idiot of the gym, clearly.
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