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A list of 10

1.) I just found a scrunchie on my desk, and I am going to wear it in my hair to work tomorrow.

2.) Grammie is still in the hospital. I did not go see her today. a.) I doubt she knows it's Easter today. b.) I saw her yesterday and I shall see her tomorrow, as I am working 2 floors above her. c.) I go just to make sure she's comfy and she knows that someone from her family is looking out for her, but I get the uncomfortable feeling that the nurses on her floor think that I'm checking up on them. Maybe I'll throw a sweatshirt on over my scrubs when I go tomorrow.

3.) Today I spent the day cutting squares for an Around the World quilt and then stacking them together in order for being sewn. And that sentence sounds a bit like Engrish at the end, but I can't think of how else to put it. The quilt is for my Dad's wedding present.

4.) When I'm sewing I like the reverse feature on the machine for going over the end of a seam. I like to do it more than strictly necessary. Like, RAR! SEAM STRONG! RAR! I don't know why but this pleases me.

5.) I have a scrub top done that is not finished as the finishing will require an iron and I don't, at the moment, feel like ironing another single thing as I ironed about 16 yards of fabric today in preparation for cutting squares.

6.) I have scrub pants that aren't sewn together yet as I have a fear that they will just barely not fit me and I don't feel like being disappointed.

7.) Since New Years the only conversation I have had with my mother has been once when she called on the phone after I sent her a number of letters and cards... I don't count the encounter we had in Grammie's hospital room, as she wasn't quite coherrant. I feel oddly like I'm persuing someone in High School (as in, back when I was in high school) who doesn't really wanna go out with me... which brings me to my next item.

8.) Is this weird-- sometimes I hear songs that are ostensibly about the difficulties of human relationships between men and women and I think, well, that could be about my mom. Sure, it sounds weirdly Freudian, but hear me out. "She Hates Me." (la la la la) That one's a no-brainer. Then there's "I got a Girl." I used to replace "girl" with "Mom" and parts of it worked out really well. "I got a mom who loves good soul... I got a mom who dances to disco... I got a mom who wears cool shoes... I got a mom who speaks her mind, I got a mom who will argue anytime, I got a mom she is so small, I got a mom she'll knock down any wall... GET A LOAD OF THIS SHE'S ALWAYS BITCHING AT ME WHEN I'M FEELIN' DOWN ASKING QUESTIONS WITH HER LITTLE FROWN, I'm out..."

Well, replace "knock down" with "punch through" and it works really well.

9.) Ok, next! Um. Bunya cleaned the bedroom. Now the floor is all clear and we can walk without tripping. So the cat took the oppurtunity to puke right in the middle of the rug. You'd think, being an animal of the veldt, the cat would try to find a secluded, sheltered place to do this, not retch in the middle of the plain, but apparantly we have very, very stupid cats.

10.) The coolest thing ever this week is that bunya did the grocery shopping and made a list of the possible meals from the foods... but instead of just making a list she made a menu. So when she picked me up from work Saturday night she handed me a menu. It's nice because thinking of what we should have for dinner is occasionally hard when one is tired from working all day... and that, my friends, is a sure sign that I am wealthy and living in a first world country. I do not think "how do I eat?" but rather "what do I eat?" And occasionally, even "where shall we eat for brunch?"

Yes, I've arrived, and if I ever feel poor I will consult the menu that is hanging on the fridge and remember that I have a choice every day of what to eat. It's humbling and fun. And with that thought, I will close for the evening.

10b.) On Easter my dad and I would sometimes listen to the album of the original Broadway cast of Jesus Christ Superstar. Today while I was quilting I watched/listened to what happened to be in the DVD player, and it was Return of the King, and I thought, "how appropriate." All arguements as to the fact that Tolkein didn't actually truck in allegory will be ignored, as the thought still pleased me.
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