devulgari (devulgari) wrote,

Goodness gracious.

Oddly enough, though I've had a pleasant several days off, my heart is heavy. I guess I could blame it on the weather but I normally like rainy days.

Exercising at the gym wasn't the cure that it usually is. Perhaps it is because I had to spend part of my time there on a glider instead of an elliptical machine (and it was evil! Evil! My thighs are going to hurt for days I just know it!) or perhaps it's because I made the mistake of watching the news while I exercised.

Had very pleasant lunch today with friend. Did the NYT crossword puzzle, but couldn't finish the Boston Globe one, while bunya was in physical therapy. Seems odd. Surely New York Times should be the more challenging puzzle? Boston's paper offers the solution on the opposite page and I had never heard in my life some of the words that were the answers. Who knew that a wen is a harmless cyst? And that's not even the half of it.

I'm going to read for Tuesday's class, then prepare for the interview I'm doing tomorrow morning with the Resources Coordinator for juveniles in the criminal justice system for my county. Then I get to go to class and then meet with my research partner and then it's off to work on Wednesday morning for 3 twelve hour shifts in a row. Bleargh, I say. Actually, at least at work I know who I am, what I'm there for and, most of the time, what I'm doing. Outside of there, I pretty much have no idea.

Wow, this has turned into a real CHEER UP EMO KID kind of post... but since my sister says that I don't post often enough I'll leave it.

Happy news: 18 of the 25 vertical stripes for the Around the World quilt for dad's wedding present are done. This coming weekend I'll press and sew them together and then all that will be left will be to put on a border, fill the middle with a blanket, put on a back, stitch that closed, and tie it throughout.
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