devulgari (devulgari) wrote,

Bullet Points!

* Interview with Resources Coordinator Etc went very well! (He had 2 beta fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) in the same tank, and before we got started I just had to ask him about them. "I had a girl in there and she was kicking ass, eating their fins. She died, and now they're fine. They don't fight at all, it's like Brokeback Fishtank." Fish in love, how sweet.)

* Visited Grammie and she has a private room and a nice view of the skyline of Portland, Back Cove, and the side of Munjoy Hill. She looks well. I visited for just about 15 minutes, and then she had PT.

* Class today is student presentations, so no reading for it! Hopefully it'll get out early so I don't have to stay at school forever working on this presentation.

* Watching BBC World News last night, GWB pronounced "heinous" as "hey-knee-ous." And now I'm questioning whether I've been saying it wrong all this time, of if it was him.

* New Alan Rickman icon.
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