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So, I don't write here much anymore. The reason is quite simple-- I don't have much going on that feels like it needs to be written about. I find that when I write about nursing I just get tied up in knots and it makes me feel like I can't leave work at work. Part of me thinks maybe I should go ahead and be analytical outside of work, but the other part of me just thinks that no, it's far far better for me to be sane and not dwell on things that happen inside the hospital. I will say this-- I'm in a good unit, my patients are all safe and as comfortable as they can be after being cut into and their brains/spines/bones rearranged. No big stories about anyone being an arse. And the things that would be interesting? Would involve me either rehashing things that I'm over or else risking identifying one of my patients, and I just don't want to, even with f-lock. It's a small world and people who merit being blogged about are pretty recognizable.

Anyway, I'm still reading lj, just not on a daily basis. Pretty much, if it has to do with current world events, someone else is blogging more eloquently than I am and probably, given that there is nothing new under the sun, with a similar slant.

That being said, the night shift is good for catching up on news. I like Caught up on the elections in Chad, since I knew my cousin was fleeing the country (that's what my whole family said, not "she's going to Camaroon" but "she and the children have fled," which is like a whole different thing) and I wanted to get a bit of a handle on why. Quite pleased that she already has a job lined up in Guinea.

Her small, erudite, and charming children were at my dad's wedding on Saturday along with her husband, while she was still in Camaroon, for reasons I'm not clear on.

I'll probably wait until I have another night shift to read the news again.

Anyway, hi. I swear I had something of import to say, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. I'm staying up because the air is cool and I feel... teenagerish, for lack of a better word. My brain is humming along at the same frequency it did when I was 17 and that's a nice feeling. For me, anyway, might be unsufferable for people around me. But at the moment, I feel like I'm living the fantasy of what it's like to be an adult. Like, tomorrow is Saturday and I have a car. Where will I go? Will I go buy some groceries? Will I drive somewhere? The possibilities are endless! I can have cookies for dinner if I want! Oh the freedom!

And speaking of that, thank goodness I didn't have an lj when I was 17. I had unlimited time. I would have been (more) unsufferable than I am now.
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