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Quickie post

I don't have the internet anymore at the house. The tenuous budget that I had going on got to be more of a strain than the dividends of internet and cable were paying me, and when the computer decided that it no longer had an operating system and declined to turn itself on beyond the blinking cursor screen I decided that I was not willing to both card a repair and continue paying for the internet, and while I was at it I axed the cable as well. We still have the local channels, and at 50 cents a day I do enjoy my guilty pleasure of the Today show when I get home from a night shift and, of course, Lost.

I do miss keeping up with my f-list but I'm at the public library right now and it's not that bad. It's funny, when I know I have but an hour to use the internet I find that I rarely use the entire hour.

However that might be partially because I am being driven from my seat by the overwhelming scent of body odor mixed with cheap cologne.

If I leaned over to the guy next to me and said "excuse me, but I'm a nurse and you smell worse than any patient I have ever taken care of in my life," do you think I'd be killed immediately, or just smothered in an armpit until I expired?
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